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Round Six: Feedback Post

Dearest players and readers, May Amnesty Challenge is officially closed. Thank you for joining in to celebrate hurt/comfort in small fandoms!

However, general Amnesty remains open for at least another two weeks. You still have time to get in any fanworks you couldn't finish for any previous deadlines!

At the same time, we'd like to collect your suggestions regarding Round Seven. In this post, please tell us your ideas! Are there any cool new prompts you'd like us to add? Anything from this round that you'd like to remove? How are the Achievements working for you? Any feedback is appreciated!

Anon commenting is on, please be nice to each other.

Best wishes,
the 100: clarke

amnesty: 7 fics

Author: celeste9
Fandoms: Jurassic Park, Merlin, MCU, The 100
H/C: headaches/migraines, sacrifice, trapped together, hostages, hallucinations, restrained, group support

Collapse )
Enjoy the Silence, Lacuna Coil

May Challenge: Wildfire

Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Vampire High
H/C: Loss of voice, Trust issues, Comfort food or item/feeding someone

Title: Wildfire
Medium: Fic
Rating: T
Warnings: Blood Drinking
Summary: The realization burned faster and surer and brighter than any fire. Consumed every scrap of affection Marty believed Merrill had thrown purposefully his way. Nothing left.