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SHER Sherlock Violin with Bow

Amnesty: Two Art Pieces, Three Fics

Author/Artist: tardisjournal
Fandoms: Sherlock (BBC)
H/C: Isolation, difficult/unexpected pregnancy, confession in a desperate situation, blood loss, loss of vision

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Round 5: Feedback Post

Dearest bingoers, June is upon us!

May Mini-Challenge is now closed.

Amnesty period for Round 5 will remain open until Friday - we will set up a countdown later this week - so get in any stories you wish to publish before the new round starts!

Round 6 opens on June 15th.

In this post, please tell us what you liked and didn't like about Round 5. Here's some specific questions (but really we're interested in anything you'd like to tell us):
- the prompts: do you have ideas for new ones, do you want any of the current ones removed or merged?
- Achievements: were they fair and achievable? Are there any new ones you'd like to see?
- Motivation Posts: should we keep them, should we stop, should we do something differently?

Anon commenting is on! Please be respectful of each other. Although we don't guarantee we'll follow every suggestion, we love hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Very best wishes,
Enjoy the Silence, Lacuna Coil

May Challenge: A Little of This, A Little of That

Fandoms: Vampire High
H/C: Forced to face fear
Medium: Fic
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary: Hope was the only thing that drew Merrill to the experiment. As far as Marty was concerned, Merrill had enough hope for the both of them in that area, but he would carry the weight to keep her right where he wanted her.
My OTP has issues

Amnesty: 5 Fills

Thank you, Mods! I've had a total blast with my card this year. I just wish I had time to fill in all of it. But here are my last five, in under the wire (at least in Texas).

Author: taste_is_sweet
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Iron Man); Arrow (CW); Original
Hurt/Comfort: Abandonment Issues; Captivity; Forced Soulbonding; Clones; Suicide Attempt

Title: A Precarious, Fragile Thing
Fandom: MCU
Prompt: Abandonment Issues
Medium: Fanfiction
Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Tony Stark
Wordcount: 6962
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
"I didn't know he did that," Tony said. He knew Bucky liked tucking himself so far under Steve's arm that it was like he was trying to climb into his armpit. But he'd always stayed upright, just kind of plastering himself against Steve's side. This blanket thing was new.

"Seventy years of skin hunger," Steve said. His voice was just as soft, but for a moment his eyes flickered hot with anger, bright as the candy-colored screen. "He was always tactile. Now, when things get…well, sometimes it helps. The contact."

And it looked…nice, the two of them together like that: Comfortable. Familiar. Safe. Tony knew what a precarious, fragile thing it was, to feel safe in the middle of the night.

Author's Notes: Part 7 of my You Make Me Feel Like I Am Home Again Series.

Title: As Good a Place as Any
Fandom: MCU
Prompt: Captivity
Medium: Fanfiction
Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Wordcount: 6869
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
"It was a retreat," Steve goes on more calmly, then has to swallow against something a little too close to nausea lodged in his throat. "They put—they brought me there to help me get my head on straight. Their psychiatrists were sure it'd help me to get away from everyone. And, and they showed me how to set up video calls. If I wanted. It wasn't a prison."

"Video calls," Bucky says flatly. He stares at Steve so long that Steve has to force himself not to avert his gaze. Bucky's eyes are huge and horrified, and he pushes his fingers through his hair again, then leaves them linked on the back of his head. "Stevie," he says, and his voice cracks. "Stevie, don't you even know what they did to you?"

Author's Notes: Part 11 of my You Make Me Feel Like I Am Home Again Series.

Title: We Couldn't Get Closer than This
Fandom: MCU
Prompt: Forced Soulbonding
Medium: Fanfiction
Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Natasha Romanov; Clint Barton
Wordcount: 1000
Rating: G
Warnings: None
"I had a familiar, once." Steve wants to touch the cat so badly his fingers hurt with it. He doesn't, too afraid he'll feel nothing. He's felt nothing where half his soul used to be for a very long time.

Title: Shapes Supposed to Be Hearts
Fandom: MCU; Arrow (CW)
Prompt: Clones
Medium: Fanfiction
Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen; Felicity Smoak; Sam Wilson; Bucky Barnes
Wordcount: 3638
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Oliver Queen and James Buchanan Barnes have a lot in common.

("He's not actually a veteran," Felicity said at last, then looked up, worried. "But what happened to him…he was a prisoner of war. He'd tell you that's not true, but, from what little he's told me…yeah." She rubbed her nose, then re-clasped her hands and lowered her eyes. "And he was tortured," she went on softly. "For a long time. They trained him to fight. Made him…made him do things." She bit her lip. "Awful, terrible things that no one should do to anybody. But he did. And it…it changes you. When you have to do that."

Sam cleared his throat. "Yes it does." His voice creaked anyway, but it was a little hard to speak normally when his heart was suddenly going like he'd been trying to lap Steve Rogers. "This friend of yours," he went on, trying not to sound eager. "What's his name?")

Author's Notes: Part 3 of my You Make Me Feel Like I Am Home Again Series.

Title: Aiden's Angel (Or here)
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Suicide Attempt
Medium: Original Novella
Wordcount: ~52,000
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence
Aiden Lobo is a graduate student in a world where magic, gods, and demons are part of everyday life. After a terrible betrayal, he is cursed with a Crack in his heart, turning him into a living doorway for an ancient demon of war to come to Earth and kill millions. Aiden is rescued by his guardian angel, who seals the Crack with his own Light. As a servant of the divine, the nameless angel was supposed to kill Aiden to prevent the growing cataclysm inside him. But he loves Aiden too much to end his life, even to save the world.

Aiden falls for his guardian and names him Eskandar, but then learns to his horror that because Eskandar was created for him, when Aiden dies Eskandar will too. Aiden will do anything to keep his beloved angel safe. But with no choice except to sacrifice himself to prevent the apocalypse, he only has one option: a terrible betrayal of his own.


Mods: Could I please get an Arrow tag and a Prompt: Clones tag? Thank you!
people-jaime ray newman

Amnesty: Bingo: Straight Line

Author: csichick_2
Fandoms: Rent, Law & Order, How to Get Away with Murder, Forever, If/Then
H/C: mistaken identity, nervous breakdown, homesickness, on the run, runaways

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Cute Dragon

Amnesty: 5 Fics

HC Bingo Amnesty Post

Author: jade_dragoness
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Naruto
H/C: secret identity discovered, lacerations/knife wounds, food poisoning, exhaustion, homesickness

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