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Round 12 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

These are short answers to questions we frequently get. Please read the Round 12 Rules for more information.

What is accepted?
- Any fandom, including real person fiction (RPF)
- Original content
- Any rating
- Any genre
- Crossovers and fusions
- Original characters in existing fandoms

What is not allowed?
- Works in a language other than English
- Previously posted stories

Why is Hurt/Comfort Bingo English only?
This is to make it easier for the mods. We are unable to moderate submissions, answer questions, or offer achievements for entries we can't read.

Is a fill limited to fic only?
No. While fic is used as a shorthand you are not limited to fic. Bingo squares can be filled with fic, art, icons, recs, picspams, vids, podfic, mixes, or meta. If you come up with something else you want to use, PM hc_bingo_mod or email the mods (hc.bingo.mods@gmail.com).

What are the requirements for a fill to count?
The minimum requirements are:
fic - 500 words
meta - 1000 words
art - medium sized (at least 320x240)
icon - set of 10
rec post - 10 recs (any combination of fandoms)
podfic - 500 word fic
picspam - 20 pics
vids - 30 sec
mixes - 10 songs with track list and explanation included (the songs can be arranged in one continuous track if needed).

You can, obviously, write/art/vid MORE than that, but not less.

What are the rules for mixes?
1. Mixes are a minimum of ten songs.
2. Cover art is optional, however you must include a track list with an explanation of how each song fits your hurt/comfort prompt.
3. When posting to the comm, do not link directly to the download. Link to your own DW/LJ post with tracklisting and download links.

What are the rules for rec lists?
1. Reclists are a minimum of ten recs.
2. Each rec has to have a short explanation of how the recced item pertains to the prompt.

I am triggered by certain categories / individual prompts and don't want them on my card. What do I do?
The mods recognize that the nature of a hurt/comfort challenge has potentially triggering content. If there are certain categories of prompts you would like to avoid, please note them when you sign up.

Please look at the list of prompts the cards are made from before signing up. You can veto up to three prompts (or types of prompts) that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. Additionally, you can ask for a sex-free card - this will leave off all prompts that deal with questions of consent or sexual contact. If you need more than three prompts veto'd, please contact the mods by PM or e-mail and we will work with you to make sure you have a suitable card.

Why two communities?
People still use LJ and DW for primary accounts. Therefore we want to make it as easy as possible to participate. You can sign up for the mirror that works with your primary (LJ or DW) account.

How can I find all the posts made to the community by a specific player?
Add "?poster=USERNAME" to http://hc_bingo.dreamwidth.org or https://hc-bingo.livejournal.com. For example, to look up all the posts made by hc_bingo_mod, you need to go to the page http://hc_bingo.dreamwidth.org?poster=hc_bingo_mod or http://hc-bingo.livejournal.com?poster=hc_bingo_mod.

Can I write a series?
Yes. However, each story within the series must have a clear beginning and end. A story in a series cannot be used to fill more than one prompt.

Can I write, vid, etc. as part of a team?
You can sign up as a team but you cannot split the prompts between you. All fills in a bingo must be co-created if you sign up as a team.

Can I use a story I co-written as a bingo fill for my own bingo card?
If your co-writer doesn’t mind, yes. But if you and your co-writer are both participating in Hurt/Comfort Bingo, only one of you can use the story as a bingo fill.

I have a story posted previously that fits one of my prompts, can I use it?
No, everything for the bingo should be newly written and tagged as written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo since the goal of the challenge is to create more hurt/comfort works.

Can I combine my hc_bingo fill with a fill from another challenge?
Yes, as long as it is a new post, is clearly labeled as being for Hurt/Comfort Bingo as well as the other challenge, AND that the mods of the other challenge are okay with it.

Can I post my bingo story to newsletter communities and such?
Yes, of course. As long as the fills are labeled for Hurt/Comfort Bingo when posted, they will be accepted for bingo.

Do I have to post everything I've made for the bingo to the community?
No. You can only post the combination (bingos and extras) with the links to individual fills to the community; posting single fills to the community is not allowed and will be rejected.

I dislike my card and want a new one, can I request it?
To request a new card you have to finish at least one bingo or extra on your current one. Remember that you don't have to fill all prompts in your card or be stuck with it until December. Fill out the bingo you're most comfortable with and then you can request a new card to play with.

However, if you received a card with prompts of a triggering nature for you, please contact the mods by PM the mod hc_bingo_mod or e-mail ASAP, so that we can work with you to create a more suitable card.

I've submitted a line bingo and now want to do a blackout on the same card, can I just fill the missing squares?
No. You'll have to write new stories for the squares you've used in the previous bingo. You can reuse the square however many times you like, but only if you fill it anew every time. Every fill you create within one card can count towards achievements.

I've completed a bingo but I don't want to ask for a new card, I want to continue playing with this one. Can I do this?
Yes, absolutely, as long as you're making new fills for the previously used prompts.

Can I make a fill that covers several squares at once?
Unless you're doing extras, no. Even if your fill answers two or more prompts at once, you still can only use it to cover one square.

Can I use multiple fandoms in a bingo?
Yes. A bingo does not have to be all in one fandom - ex: you can submit 2 Mushishi fics, 1 Goblin Emperor art piece, 1 Final Fantasy XV mix and 1 Bastion podfic in the same bingo. You also do not have to have all the same content in a bingo. You do not have to do all fic, or all art to make bingo - ex: you could submit 2 art, 1 mix and 2 fic to make a line bingo.

You do realize that you have 'cages', 'captivity', and 'imprisonment' prompts on the same list, right?
Yes, some prompts have both generalized and specific versions on the list; you're encouraged to interpret them as broadly or as narrowly as you'd like. Any prompt can be interpreted as either a hurt or a comfort.

I don't understand what my prompt means and I'm confused by it.
PM or email the mods and we'll be happy to discuss it with you, or ask a question in comments for this post.

I don't like some of my prompts and I can't write them, what can I do?
If you received a card that has prompts of a triggering nature for you, please contact the mods by PM or email (hc.bingo.mods@gmail.com) ASAP, so that we can work with you to create a more suitable card.

All prompts are open to interpretation, as either hurt or comfort. For example, 'tentacles' can vary from a character being attacked by something tentacled to the difficulties of being tentacled to being soothed by tentacles, etc; 'loss of vision' could mean anything from a temporary or permanent loss of sight to the loss of one's vision/goal/future/psychic sight to the removal of a hurtful vision/psychic sight, etc.

Some of these prompts are bound to force you out of your writerly comfort zone; half the challenge of this bingo is thinking of these prompts in new ways.

How much focus do I have to give the prompt?
Your work should have more than just a singular mention of the prompt. It should deal with it in some way. For example, if your prompt is "broken bones", that should be a significant factor in your work, not just a passing mention. How you deal with a prompt is left at your discretion. Remember that the genre is both 'hurt' and 'comfort' and all prompts are open to interpretation as either.

Does each story have to have both explicit hurt and comfort?
You don't have to write your story out chronologically and explicitly; you can start with the aftermath of hurt and work in details in retrospect. The comfort does not have to be absolute or 'fix' anything, it can be comfort in the moment. It is important to remember that you, as the creator, are defining what the idea of hurt and comfort means to your characters. It does not have to be character A comforted by character B.

What is the wild card square?
It's a card for which you choose a hurt or comfort centered prompt from the list of prompts. It is not a blank square. You still have to fill it if it's in your bingo, just with the prompt of your own choosing.

For the wild card square, if using it more than once, must the prompt be the same for all fills, or can we choose a new prompt for each fill?
The only thing that matters is making a new fill every time you re-use the square. You can assign a new prompt to the Wild Card every time, or stick with the same one for several attempts.

Can the prompt I use for the wild card square be one that's already on my card?

If I signed up on LJ/DW, do I have to post my fills themselves to LJ/DW respectively?
It doesn't matter where you POST the stories themselves, any hosting is fine. (AO3, Fanfiction.net, Tumblr, a personal website, MediaMiner, etc.) What matters is that if you've signed up with your DW/LJ account, you have to post your bingo (i.e., post with links to your fills posted wherever) with same DW/LJ account to the DW/LJ mirror of the community .

Do the podfic fills have to follow the not previously posted rule? Can they be newly posted recordings of previously posted fanfics?
Yes. All that's important that it's a newly created podfic; the fic itself can be posted previously.

Do achievements apply to cards or to bingos?
Competitive and Special achievements apply to cards, while General and Content-based achievements are for bingos. For Round 11 you can submit extras without achieving a bingo first, but extras alone don’t qualify for Competitive achievements.

If I write a fic for Fandom A for one prompt, and a crossover between Fandom A and Fandom B for another one, am I still eligible for the All the Worlds achievement? Or should I stick to entirely different fandoms to get it?
For the purposes of All The Worlds achievement, your second story has to be solely in Fandom B or at least dominantly in Fandom B (i.e., Fandom B story with a little cameo from Fandom A characters is ok; Fandom A story with a bit of Fandom B, or Fandom A/B story will not suffice).

Does the 25-in-1 achievement count as a bingo?
No, it only counts as an extra.

Why does the Single Media Bingo achievement exclude fic?
The majority of Bingos posted to the community are already all-fic, and part of the purpose of Achievements is to draw attention to rarer kinds of Bingos.

Can I request a sex-free card AND veto three prompts?

I have a question that isn't answered here.
Please be sure to read the Rules and both FAQs, as your question may have been addressed in the comments of the other site: FAQ on DW.

If your question still hasn’t been addressed, you can either leave it as a comment to this post with Question in the subject heading or email/pm the [Bad username: hc-bingo-mod"] (hc.bingo.mods@gmail.com).
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