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Round 12 - Rules

Important Dates

Round 11: June 14, 2021 to January 5, 2022
Sign ups: cards can be requested anytime before January 5, 2022
Amnesty Period: Jan 5, 2022 to June 10-15, 2023


1. Each bingo card is a randomized 5x5 grid filled with prompts drawn from a master list. All prompts are open to interpretation as either hurt or comfort. The goal is to make a bingo on your card. There are multiple ways of earning a bingo. Each finished bingo brings you a specific banner; additionally you can earn a multitude of achievements. See more in Bingos, Extras, Achievements.

As of Round 10 you can submit Extras without first finishing a bingo.

2. Squares are marked off toward a bingo or an extra by filling the prompt within the square. For each square a new piece of work (fic, art, vid, etc.) must be created.

3. You can submit fics, mixes, art, vids, podfics, picspams, rec lists, icons and meta. If your fill is a different medium, please alert the mods. Fandom or original content is accepted. To keep the amount of work consistent between types of fills there are minimum requirements for the accepted types of fills:

Fic - 500 words
Art - medium sized (at least 320x240)
Icons or gifsets - set of 10
Rec post - 10 recs (any combination of fandoms), including an explanation on how each rec fits the theme.
Podfic - 500 word fic
Picspam - 20 pics
Vids - 30 seconds
Mix - 10 songs with track list and explanation included (songs can be arranged into one continous track, if required)
Meta - 1000 words

Please note that the minimum requirements are different if you’re aiming for a 25-in-1 Achievement.

4. Bingos can be made up of any combination of content. You do not have to do all fic, all art fills, etc. to make bingo - ex: you could submit 2 pieces of art, 1 mix and 2 fics to make a line bingo. Additionally, a bingo does not have to be all in one fandom - ex: you could submit 2 Final Fantasy XV fics, 1 Curse of Chalion art piece, 1 original mix and 1 Guardian podfic in the same bingo.

5. You must complete at least one bingo or extra on your card before requesting a new one. However, if you receive a card with prompts of a triggering nature for you, please contact the mods ASAP so that we can work with you to create a more suitable card.

6. As of Round 10, you can submit extras without submitting a full bingo first, and submit them to the comm. Extras do not count toward a bingo, but they might bring you an achievement. For more information on extras see Bingos, Extras, Achievements.

7. Some hurt/comfort prompts can be potentially triggering. Please read through the list of prompts before requesting a card. You can veto up to three prompts (or types of prompts) that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. Additionally, you can ask for a sex-free card - this will leave off all prompts that deal with questions of consent or sexual contact. If you need more than three prompts veto'd, please contact the mods by PM or e-mail and we will work with you to make sure you have a suitable card. You don't need to explain or justify your vetos for us, and we'd in fact prefer you wouldn't! Just tell us what you need.

8. Even if it is in the prompt you are still required to warn for rape/non-con, dub-con, incest, character death/suicide, graphic self-harm, any type of child/domestic abuse. Other warnings are left to your discretion but we strongly encourage you to warn as fully as possible. When in doubt, please err on the side of caution.

Please note:Warnings for ‘slash’, ‘het’, ‘femslash’ etc. will be rejected and mods will ask for them to be removed before resubmission to the community.

If you don't want to warn for something because it would spoil your story, please use this code from [personal profile] amadi's post on warnings to make a greyed-out warning readers can choose to read or not.

9. Anything publicly posted previously may not be used to fill a square for h/c bingo. Each fill for your bingo must be newly-created content.

10. Each fill for each prompt should be a separate and finished creation. Chapters or parts of one story cannot be used to fill several different squares. Several stories in a series are allowed (i.e. you can have a story filling a square and its sequel/prequel filling a different square, as long as each has a clear beginning and end.)

11. You can reuse any square on your card as many times as you want, but each use must be a new piece of a fic, art, etc. A fill cannot be used in more than one bingo or extra.

12. Individual fills can be posted where you see fit (your journal, communities, AO3, etc.), but they’re not to be posted to the community itself until you reach a bingo or extra. When you post your bingo you will include headers and links to the individual fills, not the fills themselves.

13. To receive a banner for the completed bingo you must post it to the hurt/comfort bingo community where you sign up for your card - i.e. if you sign up on DW you must post to the DW community. Your post to the community must include links to all the fills included in your bingo. All links need to go to open posts (no locked/private entries/sites). If we discover a link goes to a locked entry, bingo will not be awarded. For more information see Posting Template.
We will only award banners to bingos and extras that are posted to the comm before midnight on January 5, 2022.

14. If you have not completed a bingo by midnight on January 5, 2022, you can still fill prompts during the amnesty period. Links to prompts filled during the amnesty period can be posted to the community individually but will not receive a banner.

15. All prompts are open to interpretation, as either hurt or comfort. For example, 'tentacles' can vary from a character being attacked by something tentacled to the difficulties of being tentacled to being soothed by tentacles, etc; 'loss of vision' could mean anything from a temporary or permanent loss of sight to the loss of ones' vision/goal/future/psychic sight to the removal of a hurtful vision/psychic sight, etc.

16. Your work should have more than just a singular mention of the prompt. It should deal with it in some way. For example, if your prompt is "dungeons" that should be a significant factor in your work, not just a passing mention. How you deal with a prompt is left at your discretion. Remember that the genre is both 'hurt' and 'comfort', but the definition of both is fully up to you. Some of the prompts deal with sensitive issues, and we trust our players to deal with them carefully and respectfully.

17. If you are writing RPF, please do not use anyone's existing children or not-a-public-persona spouses, relatives, friends et cetera as the focus of your fill.

18. If your story is based on a real life, large scale tragedy, mods reserve the right to review it on case-by-case basis and possibly veto without explanation.

Please also read the FAQ for further clarification.
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