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Hurt Comfort Bingo - Straight Line

Author - jeweledvixen
Fandom - Adam Lambert
H/C - Forced Soul Bonding, Caught in a Robbery, Assault, Poisoning, Depression

Prompt - Forced Soul Bonding
Title - Kradam Just Got Real
Rating - PG-13
Word Count - 6848
Summary - A young fairy tests her powers by forcing Adam and Kris to bond their souls.
Author’s Note - I did some research on soul bonding and didn’t find a consensus as to what it is, so I chose this type to work with. Most of it is made up by me, with a little help from Star Trek

Prompt - Caught in a Robbery
Title - Falling For You
Rating - R for the F word
Word Count - 2646
Summary - Adam is in a bank when it is robbed, Kris is one of the EMTs that responds.
Author’s Note - TRIGGER WARNING for gun shots, injury and death.

Prompt - Assault
Title - Worth the Risk
Rating - NC-17 for sexual situations. Also, expect a bit of bad language
Word Count - 6207
Summary - Kris helps Adam get over his fear of dating again.
Author’s Note - TRIGGER WARNING for domestic violence, assault

Prompt - Poisoning
Title - Drugs Are Quick
Rating - R for violence and language
Word Count - 6640
Summary - Adam’s ex decides to punish Adam one last time.
Author’s Note - TRIGGER WARNING for violence, assault, poisoning
The title is taken from a quote from Romeo and Juilet.
This is a sequel to Worth the Risk (fill for Assault prompt), but both fics can stand alon

Prompt - Depression
Title - Down into the Dark
Rating - PG-13
Word Count - 1883
Summary - Adam is depressed and he can't see the point of going on.
I have clinical depression and bipolar disorder. I have come very close to committing suicide twice. What I wrote here about Adam's depression is from my own personal experience. His suicide attempt was based on one of my own plans that I had for taking my life. If anyone reading this is going through a depression, please get help. I have had two therapists in the last three years and they have both saved my life, literally.

All of these fics are on my creative journal, jeweledimages.
Tags: [medium: fic], bingo: straight line, fandom: rpf: musicians: american idol, prompt: assault, prompt: caught in a robbery, prompt: depression, prompt: forced soulbonding, prompt: poisoning, round: 3
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