Round 11 - Sign Ups

Hi everyone! Welcome to Round 11 of Hurt/Comfort Bingo!

We are very grateful to everyone keeping this community alive! Whether you make content, leave feedback, participate in discussions, or simply you lurk, we appreciate your presence here. If you're new to the Hurt/Comfort Bingo experience, welcome! You are always free to PM the mod if you have any questions.

We're looking forward to seeing new participants, new fandoms, new types of fanworks this year. We’ve considered your lovely feedback and decided to keep the comm rolling as it was, with some minor adjustment you’ll find in the rules.

Without further ado, let's get started with Round 11! This is your sign-up post. Leave a comment, receive a card!

Please read the Rules, FAQ and Bingos, Extras and Achievement posts first.

There's no penalty for not posting anything in Round 10. Round 11 is open for everybody!

Leave a comment to this post under the name you wish to post as to get your bingo card and a code to post it to your journal. Due to the possible triggering nature of the prompts themselves, the card code already contains the lj-cut code; you can change the cut text to suit you.

If you haven’t gotten your card within 24 hours after commenting, please drop us an additional comment or a PM! Sometimes notifications get lost in email. And, even more important: if you got a vetoed prompt on your card, please tell us! It's always a mistake and we always want to fix it for you.

If you want your card with the white background, remove background="LINK" from your code.

To have your card display properly, you need to copy/paste its code directly from the comment itself, and not from your e-mail. Use the HTML editor when posting.

If you have any problems with your code, please send a message to hc_bingo_mod and we’ll try to help you out.

Important: Some hurt/comfort prompts can be potentially triggering. Please read through the list of prompts before requesting a card.

You can veto up to three prompts (or types of prompts) that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. Additionally, you can ask for a sex-free card - this will leave off all prompts that deal with questions of consent or sexual contact. If you need more than three prompts veto'd, please contact the mods by PM or e-mail and we will work with you to make sure you have a suitable card.

Remember, you can sign up here or on DW, but not at both places at once, since both communities mirror each other.

Round 11 card backgrounds are patterns Feel The Breeze and Dutch Delight.

Round 11 - Posting Template


Once you have completed a bingo you must post it to the community to receive the banner and qualify for achievements. Please do not post links to single fills to the community unless it’s amnesty period or you’re submitting an extra.

You should post to the community you've signed up to, i.e. only to either LJ or DW, not both at once.

Please tag your post with already created tags (amnesty, amnesty challenge, bingo, extra, fandom, prompt, medium, round) and mods will create other tags as needed. You do not need to ask mods to create tags for you in your post.

Please note: To look up all the posts made to the community by you or some other player, add "?poster=USERNAME" to http://hc_bingo.livejournal.com. For example, to look up all the posts made by hc_bingo_mod, you need to go to the page http://hc_bingo.livejournal.com?poster=hc_bingo_mod.

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You may add more as you see fit (including a “Characters / Relationships” field), but posts that do not have the required fields will be rejected then asked to fix and resubmit. Copy and modify the following code for posting your bingo to the comm:

Your post should contain links to the individual fills. We do not host any fills on the comm.

There's an official AO3 collection for this round - you're welcome and encouraged to add your fills to it, but it's not mandatory.

Round 11 - Bingos, Extras and Achievements

There are multiple ways of making a bingo, each one requiring a minimum of 5 filled squares.

The minimum requirements for a fill are:

Fic - 500 words
Art - medium sized (at least 320x240)
Icons - set of 10
Rec post - 10 recs (any combination of fandoms) with a short explanation for each
Podfic - 500 word fic
Picspam - 20 pics
Vids - 30 seconds
Mix - 10 songs with tracklist and explanation included (the songs itself can be arranged into one playlist, a-la Spotify)
Meta - 1000 words

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After you've made a bingo, you can make a new bingo on your card or request a new card to complete bingo on. You may also do extras using your original card! And as of Round 10, you can post extras without submitting a bingo first. But remember that writing extras only qualifies you for extras-related achievements.

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Each type of bingo and each type of extra bring you a separate banner on posting to the comm.

All bingos and extras within one card let you qualify for achievements.

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Round 11 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

These are short answers to questions we frequently get. Please read the Round 11 Rules for more information.

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I have a question that isn't answered here.
Please be sure to read the Rules and both FAQs, as your question may have been addressed in the comments of the other site: FAQ on DW.

If your question still hasn’t been addressed, you can either leave it as a comment to this post with Question in the subject heading or email/pm the [Bad username: hc-bingo-mod"] (hc.bingo.mods@gmail.com).

The Amnesty Is Over!

Dear players, the Amnesty period is over! We're putting the finishing touches on Round 11's sign ups and will go live soon - probably less than an hour or so. If you have some last bits and pieces for the Amnesty, you might sneak them under the wire while we're working.

Looking forward to seeing you in Round 11!
Arthur blue

Amnesty - Love in a cold chalet

Author: clea2011
Fandom: Merlin
H/C: Learning to be loved
Title: Love in a cold chalet
Medium: Fic
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur hated Christmas. But, most of all, Arthur hated the Camelot Christmas Markets.
He didn't think much of the clumsy oaf who'd tripped him up the day before the markets started either. At least, not at first...

AO3 link to fanwork: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22010623

May Challenge is Over!

Thanks everybody for playing! Amnesty period is still going; it will close down on June, 10th. If you have made something for the bingo and haven't shared it yet - be it something for round 10, or for previous rounds, or for one of the challenges that you didn't finish on time - share it with us now, please.

Somewhere between June, 10th and June, 15th we're going to open up Round 11! We're looking forward to journeying on with you all.

May Challenge: 眩しい太陽無駄にしないよう (don't waste the dazzling sun)

Author: jennypigalle
Fandoms: Shimanami Tasogare (Our dreams at dusk)
H/C: heat exhaustion

Title: 眩しい太陽無駄にしないよう (don't waste the dazzling sun)
Medium: fic
Rating: G
Warnings: No warnings
Summary: The sun is beating down on Tasuku, making beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. He's currently weeding out the garden of the house they're working on, with Tsubaki standing somewhere behind him, painting the facade of the house in the slight shade from the roof. Tasuku could have been working with him, but … It had felt a little awkward, the closeness of them standing next to each other reminding him of too many things.
Or, it's too hot out in the sun.