Round 11 Achievement Winners

Congratulations to our Round 11 Achievement Winners! Come to claim your banners, and thank you so much for enjoying this annual journey with us.

We'll be waiting for you in Amnesty Challenges!

Competitive Achievements

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Special Achievements

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Loyalty Achievements

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General Achievements

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Content-Based Achievements

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Round 11 is Over

And it's a wrap for Round 11! Thank you, everybody, you were amazing

Before January 10-15th we're going to declare the Achievement Winners. If you're aiming for any of the achievements, please check that you've indicated so in your relevant bingo post! It's okay to edit them now, while we're looking over posts and counting.

Also, join us in thanks to our amazing tagmod lost_spook for stepping into the breach and keeping the comm's tags neat, comprehensive and useful.

Now Amnesty begins!
- Amnesty is for sharing any of the works you wrote for round 11 but have not posted yet OR for any new works you write, inspired by the prompts you received in round 11.
- Everybody can post during Amnesty.
- No new cards will be issued, except for Mini-Challenges.
- Mini-Challenges run from February to May, and each month has a unique theme!
- You can post (links to) any number of fanworks during Amnesty, you no longer need to have a full Bingo.
- The format for Amnesty posts is the same as for bingo posts, with one alteration - the subject line must look like this:
AMNESTY: [number and type of fills posted] (ex. AMNESTY: 2 Vids, 1 fic, etc).
- Amnesty ends when Round 12 begins.
Arthur blue

BINGO: Vertical Line

Author: clea2011
Fandoms: Merlin
H/C: Bodyswap, Atonement, Healers, Rescue, Family (Wild Card)

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Combined Word Count: 134,217
I'm aiming for the Steadfast achievement and the Serial Pleasures achievement, plus forget me not and the four February to May amnesty challenge achievements.

BINGO: vertical line

Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood, Batman comics, MCU and Doctor Who
H/C: Extortion, betryal, substance addiction, hidding an illiness/injury and wild card rebellion
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Last Day of Round 11

Round 11 will be over on January 5th, 2021, and the countdown is here. You still have some time to get in your bingos or extras!

We will announce the amnesty period after January 5th. And banners and achievements are coming up soon after. We're looking forward to keep playing with you in the new year!

Enjoy the Silence, Lacuna Coil

EXTRA: Postage Stamp

Author: immolate_the_silence
Fandoms: Brothers Grimm
H/C: brainwashing/deprogramming, crisis of faith, assault, WILD CARD (atonement)

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Aiming for the Extra! Extra! achievement!
Also the February-to-May achievement for completing all 4 amnesty mini-challenges.