Brigdh (wordsofastory) wrote in hc_bingo,

May Challenge: And When Resisted, Cruel

Author: Brigdh / wordsofastory
Fandoms: The Benjamin January mysteries by Barbara Hambly
H/C: Sex Pollen

Title: And When Resisted, Cruel
Medium: fic
Rating: R
Warnings: This is a sex pollen story. Though the sex itself is about as consensual as it's possible for sex pollen!sex to be, this is still a story explicitly about consent issues.
Summary: “A drug. It was in that drink,” she said, and swore, remembering its bitter taste.
Rose gets dosed with sex pollen.
(Set around the same time as A Free Man of Color.)

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Tags: [medium: fic], amnesty: challenges: may, fandom: ben january, prompt: sex pollen, round: 4
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