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Round Four: Suggestions and Feedback

Hi all! Amnesty period is coming to a close, and Round 5 is just around the corner!

We would appreciate any feedback you have about Round 4. Some specific questions:
- Are there any prompts you'd like added, removed, reworded, or merged? The current prompts list is here.
- Are there any new Achievement categories you'd like? Are there any you think should be removed (and why)?
- Motivation Posts: did you enjoy them? Do you think our currently once-a-week schedule is appropriate?

We also gladly accept any other feedback you have about Round 4, and about the comm in general!

Anonymous commenting is on. Please be respectful of all opinions. We will consider every comment, but do not guarantee every suggestion will be followed.

This post closes at the end of May. We eagerly await your thoughts!

Best wishes,
your Mod Team.
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