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AMNESTY: Bingo: vertical line + 2 fills

Author: kanarek13
Fandom: White Collar, Teen Wolf
Medium: art
H/C: blackmail, hostile climate, panic attacks, experiments by evil scientists, robots/androids, unconsciousness, loss of powers

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Amnesty Challenges: February (Round 6)

Dear bingo lovers, hi! Welcome to the Amnesty Mini-Challenges. We're sorry for the slight delay this year - February found your mod team a little bit overwhelmed.

Like last year, we're doing four challenges: February, March, April and May. This always brings us excellent fanworks, and we hope you'll join in.

The rules for February: if you comment on this post, you get a postage stamp: a 2x2 grid of randomly chosen prompts (for the purposes of this challenge, one of the prompts is always a Wild Card). You then complete and submit one fill that combines all four prompts.


- The deadline for posting your completed fill is March 2nd. As long as your submission is in the posting queue while it's March 2nd anywhere in the world, you've finished on time. There are no penalties for defaulting: if you didn't finish your fill on time, it can still be posted during the amnesty period, but it won't bring you the banner and the achievement in the next round.

- The prize for finishing and submitting your story in time is a special achievement for Round 7 (omg!) and a banner. You can sign up to play even if you didn't participate in Round 6 and/or don't plan to participate in Round 7.

- If you're uncomfortable with writing about sexual trauma and/or abuse based situations, please note that when you sign up so we can give you a postage stamp avoiding these areas altogether. Additionally, you can look at the list of prompts before signing up and veto from one to three prompts that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. If you need more than three prompts vetoed, please contact the hc_bingo_mod by PM or e-mail and we will do our best to work with you.

- If you received your postage stamp grid and you're absolutely sure you won't be able to work with it, you can request a new postage stamp once during the 24 hours after the original request by commenting in the same thread.

- The warning policy is the same: even if it is in the prompt, you are still required to warn for rape/non-con, dub-con, incest, character death/suicide, graphic self-harm, any type of sexual trauma, any type of child/domestic abuse and any other triggering themes or images. The other warnings are left to your discretion, though we encourage you to warn as fully as possible. When in doubt, please err on the side of caution. If you don't want to warn for something to avoid spoiling the readers, please use greyed-out warnings.

- Remember that all prompts in your stamp don't have to be applied to one character.

Please also check the rules and FAQ for general rules and requirements.

Posting Template

Please title your post "February Challenge: [Title of your submission] and use the following template:

Tagging: your entry should contain the following tags: amnesty: challenges: february, [fandom](s), [medium], [player], [prompt](s), round: 6. If there's no fandom or player tag for you yet, don't worry, we'll add it at the later date. You can only add existing tags.

If you need any clarifications, please e-mail or PM us, or leave a comment to this post with "Question" in the subject line. Have fun!

Amnesty [6 fics]

Author: narlth
Fandoms: Merlin, Humans
H/C: comfort food or item / feeding someone, backrubs / massages, loss of vision, hypothermia, loss of home / shelter, taking care of somebody

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Round Six Achievements Awards

Achievement time! Congratulations and thanks to all our wonderful players.

Competitive Achievements
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General Achievements
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Loyalty Achievements
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Content-Based Achievements
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Special Achievements
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Special thanks go to our ninja tagmod galhea, who did a complete overhaul of our tagging system and sneakily kept everything ship-shape through the year.

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Thanks for playing with us and being all around amazing! To those of you who stay with us year after year and to the new players, to creators and lurkers and commenters, let's keep bringing hurt/comfort to all the fandoms and, most importantly, have fun. It's pleasure and delight to play with you.

Post your amnesty fills, stay tuned for the February-March-April-May mini-challenges, and we hope to see you in Round 7!

AMNESTY: [2 fics]

Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Supernatural, Moonlight
H/C: Abandonment Issues, Poisoning
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Amnesty [5 fics]

Author: thecrazyalaskan
Fandom(s): Axis Powers Hetalia, Mystery Skulls Ghost, Steven Universe, The Book of Life
H/C: Stranded / Survival Scenario, Taking Care of Somebody, Pandemics / Epidemics, Trust Issues, Confession in a Desperate Situation
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Tags needed for Fandom: Steven Universe and Fandom: Mystery Skulls Ghost. Thank you! 

Amnesty [7 fics, 1 icon set, 1 recslist]

Author: lost_spook
Fandoms: Doctor Who, The Forsyte Saga, Multifandom, Original fiction.
H/C: attacked by a creature, unrequited pining, hugs, robots/androids, comfort food or item/feeding someone, rejection, bruises, lost childhood, broken bones.

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Also, mods: I posted my Bingo for Round 6 here & don't seem to have a banner (or the requested tags) even though the entries before and after do. Sorry/thanks!!!

AMNESTY: [7 fics]

AMNESTY: [6 fics]

Author: kiphiana/bigsunglasses
Fandoms: Leverage. The Goblin Emperor.
H/C: secret identity discovered, arena, crucifixion, forced marriage, forced to face fear, broken bones

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The End of Round 6

Dear friends,


Thank you to everyone who has participated and helped make this round successful! We have seen many wonderful bingo entries, as well as productive and friendly discussions on our motivation posts. We're so very glad our community continues to flourish.

We will announce this year's Achievements, and hand out banners, sometime in the period of 10th-15th January.


- Amnesty is for sharing any of the works you wrote for round six but have not posted yet OR for any new works you write, inspired by the prompts you received in round six.
- You don't need to have scored a Bingo in round six to qualify for Amnesty.
- No new cards will be issued, except for Mini-Challenges.
- Mini-Challenges run from February to May, and each month has a unique theme!
- You can post (links to) any number of fanworks during Amnesty, you no longer need to have a full Bingo.
- The format for Amnesty posts is the same as for bingo posts, with one alteration - the subject line must look like this:
AMNESTY: [number and type of fills posted] (ex. AMNESTY: 2 Vids, 1 fic, etc).

Thank you again for playing with us.

BINGO: diagonal line

Author: jesseofthenorth
Fandoms: The Avengers (all media types), Secret Avengers, Hawkeye Comics
H/C: Lacerations and knife wounds, Head Trauma, Bruises, Hostile Climate, Amnesia

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Bingo: Cross

Author: Polomonkey
Fandoms: Merlin, Humans
H/C: forced to participate in illegal/hurtful activity, dungeons, medication, body/mindswap, forced to hurt somebody, tyranny/rebellion, counselling, taking care of somebody, survivor's guilt

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BINGO -- Horizontal Line (+ 4 Extras)

Author: taste_is_sweet
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe; Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Original Work
Bingo: Protecting/Losing Precious object Person; Motion Sickness; De-Age; Toothache; Atonement
Extras: Accidental Mating for Life; Magical Trouble; Forced to Face Fear; Blood Loss

It"s all right, only some of them might bite you.Collapse )

BINGO: Straight Line (Horizontal)

Author: Yassandra
Fandoms: Atlantis
H/C: Natural Disasters; Explosion; Wild Card (Dungeon); Lacerations/Knife Wounds; Side Effects

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Bingo: Vertical Line

Author: sirenofodysseus
Fandoms: The Mentalist
H/C: robots/androids, body image issues, wild card: rape/non-con, tyranny/rebellion, branding.

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BINGO: diagonal line

Author: zubeneschamali
Fandoms: rpf: actors: supernatural
H/C: confession in desperate situation, loss of home/shelter, wild card (unrequited pining), loss of powers, comfort food or item/feeding someone

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BINGO: Cross

Author: guineamania
Fandoms: Man from UNCLE, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Avengers, Captain America, White Collar, Star Wars Episode 7
H/C: Low blood sugar, blood loss, planet destruction, caught in a robbery, asphyxiation, ostracised from society, forced to participate in illegal/harmful activity, nausea , bites

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BINGO: Blackout

Author: irishvampire13
Fandoms: Doctor Who
H/C: Hostile climate, bruises, blackmail, wings, invisibility, motion sickness, loss of powers, nightmares, natural disasters, dungeons, loss of hearing, hospital stay, surgery, loss of job/income, nervous breakdown, forced to rely on enemy/rival, fall from grace, brainwashing/deprogramming, witch hunt, theft, CPR/rescue breathing, accept injury to protect someone, toothache, apocalypse, deadline/time bomb (Wild Card).

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Achievements: Serial Pleasures! achievement; Steadfast achievement.

BINGO: diagonal line

Author: potentiality_26
Fandoms: Kingsman: The Secret Service
H/C: scars, bodyguards, wild card (possession/mind control), motion sickness, hugs

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Can I have steadfast achievement please?

EXTRA - Cross Square

Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Bloodlines
H/C: Nervous Breakdown, Wild Card (Skeletons in the Closet)
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BINGO: Blackout

Author: inmh
Fandoms: Final Fantasy: Type-0, Final Fantasy VII, James Bond (Craig Movies), Until Dawn, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, The Hunger Games, American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns, Batman: Arkham Knight, Flowers in the Attic, The Hobbit, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Sherlock, Les Miserables
Prompts: medication, major injury/illness, protecting or losing a precious object, food poisoning, cursed, whipping/flogging, eating disorders, therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, archaic medical treatment, unwanted transformation, lost childhood, wild card (death), estrangement, loss of identity, exhaustion, loss of hearing, bites, family, epidemics and pandemics, falling, surgery, Stockholm syndrome, on the run, apocalypse

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BINGO - Parallel Diagonal

Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil (Movieverse), Nurse Jackie
H/C: Head Trauma, Moving, Loss of Identity, Self-Harm, Surgery
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BINGO: Cross

Author: enigmaticblues
Fandoms: Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Eureka, Supernatural, The Sentinel, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
H/C: serial killers, invisibility, WILD CARD (substance addiction), runaways, skeletons in the closet, broken bones, cages, explosion, dystopia

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Motivation Post: Week 28 - Almost There

Dear players, esteemed lurkers!

These are the last days before the ending of Round 6 - watch the countdown timer and tie up the loose ends at your leisure.

How're you doing? Already done? Scrambling to finish? Making plans for the mini-challenges and Round 7? Panicking? Tell us all about it!

And for the little bonus enjoyment, rec one favorite fill that has ever came out of hc_bingo for you, in all six rounds. Maybe it was something that you made, or maybe something that you've seen here and loved - who knows? But share with us and each other.

We're so close!

Best wishes,
your Mods.

Official Round 6 AO3 collection